In Loving Memory : Rev. Michael B. Stone
February 2, 1947 - November 25, 2015
the Gathering Heart of Spiritual Knowlege Intitute.

When Mohammed was asked how to know GOD he answered "Know thyself." Jesus told those who would hear "When two or more are gathered together in my name, there shall I be also." The Buddha admonished his adherents to make their living amongst others "Right" in eight ways we all know to be appreciated, even by those who choose to live otherwise. Modern life is different now only in the number of styles in which these precepts may be practiced.

Your Higher Self is still the Christ our brother Jesus spoke of and It is made more apparent in your demeanor by living in a way your heart knows is toward the Truth Gautama laid at the feet of his followers. Not one opportunity in life comes to us without the support of those with whom we associate, therefore "gather" with those who also seek that Truth; that Highest State of Consciousness.

You will find on these pages, opportunities to join us in a "church" service like no other you've attended or refused to attend. Our gathering is light and open and offers you the choice to be heard or listen or participate, without fear of rejection or judgement, regardless of your religious heritage, faith or lack of same, color, gender, occupation or personal interests. However you choose to seek higher consciousness is your spiritual right. Join us as we celebrate that right in a variety of ways.